Thursday, June 22, 2006

I’ll Have What She’s Having

I’ll Have What She’s Having
(Sydney Morning Herald)
Rather, her fortuitous discovery—that the high doses of fish oil she took in preparation for pregnancy and the Kegel exercises she practiced afterwards to restore lost vaginal muscle strength led her to easily achieve vaginal orgasm—was simply an unexpected boon.

“I noticed that something was different,” Lindberg says over the phone from her Boston home.

That’s an understatement. When the computer programmer had fine-tuned her recipe (see breakout), she claimed a whopping personal best of 52 vaginal orgasms in one session.

“It gives a certain confidence to a woman,” she says. “Now when I walk around, I get noticed.”

Guess I’d walk funny too, after a few dozen.


Amy Frushour Kelly said...

"Guess I’d walk funny too, after a few dozen."

We usually do -- I call it "jelly knees."

One thing -- if she really came over fifty times, how did she keep count? I've always lost count after a few.

Plan 8 said...

Yeah, go ahead, rub it in. Er ...

Reminded me of this.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a dirty joke I heard years ago. (Hope no one will take offence.)
About an English working class male who was surrounded by some of his senior colleagues the day after his marriage and asked "How many times?"
He said "Twice".
The same thing happened the next day. He said "Thrice".
The next day his answer was "Four times."
His friends were a little sceptical, but when the day after that he said nine times they were sure he was fibbing.
"Come on now, Jack", they said "tell us the truth".
Moving his hips back and forth, Jack carefully counted "Honest, one, two, three, four ..."
Strange things do happens, but 50 times? Someone is not coming out with the truth.

Anonymous said...

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