Monday, August 29, 2005

Further Evidence of Intelligent Design

Further Evidence of Intelligent Design
(San Francisco Chronicle)
According to Gravlox’s theory, when a child loses a baby tooth, an invisible yet very real spirit signifies the event with a shiny coin, often a quarter, deposited under the child’s pillow the next morning—“clear evidence that something is going on. And then, six months later—bingo!—a brand new tooth appears.”

Writes Gravlox, “Traditional medical experts will laugh, of course, but no other explanation is possible other than the existence of an angel of dental design.”


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Plan 8 said...

You are so busted, Home Equity!

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Plan 8 said...

That's it, I'm enabling word verification. Sorry, non-bots. It pains you more than it does me, I know. But ... I have to word verify myself to mine own blog. Such are the sad times we live in.

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Not only is the penis pharmacologically important, it's indispensable in Chinese haute cuisine. It's true, I saw it on TeeVee.

Hallelujah! There's a joke here somewhere involving Jesus, Peter, and a rock, but I'll leave it to cleverer folk.