Monday, November 21, 2005

‘Intelligent Design’ Equal to Giving Up

‘Intelligent Design’ Equal to Giving Up
(The Independent Florida Alligator)
Good science does not move forward via political lobbying. Einstein did not insist that relativity be taught in physics class. He argued his case before his peers through scientific publication and through scientific presentations to those peers. He provided testable hypotheses, and when those hypotheses were confirmed by experimentation and observation, his ideas made it into high school physics textbooks. Einstein did not take out a large advertisement in The New York Times stating, “We the undersigned have serious problems with Newtonian gravity.” He did not hire a lawyer to have relativity inserted in high school textbooks. He did not insist on a disclaimer in textbooks that said, “Newtonian gravity is a controversial theory.”

I have serious problems with Newtonian gravity … that’s directly proportional to my circumference in centimeters.

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