Friday, May 19, 2006

Evolution in the Light of Islam

Evolution in the Light of Islam
(Islam Online)
Chance describes; chance does not cause. Even in normal linguistic definitions, when we say that two persons meet by chance, we do not mean that they are acting haphazardly in life. Given this understanding of chance, it is possible to consider evolution as the divine way of creating life on Earth, as we already accept the known law of gravity as a model for the way the cosmic order is held together.


The Qur’an says in (38:75) about Prophet Adam, ﴾whom I created with My two hands?﴿ Though this verse is sometimes used as an argument against evolution, it does not categorically negate the possibility of the emergence of humans via some evolutionary process.

Let’s wait and see if there are more of these fancy Stanford-educated science-types who want to overturn everything we hold dear.
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