Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Saudis Nix Pictures of Women in Newspapers

Saudis Nix Pictures of Women in Newspapers

(Yahoo News)

The king told editors on Monday night that publishing a woman’s picture for the world to see was inappropriate.

“One must think, do they want their daughter, their sister, or their wife to appear in this way. Of course, no one would accept this,” the newspaper Okaz quoted Abdullah as saying.

“The youth are driven by emotion … and sometimes they can be led astray. So, please, try to cut down on this,” he said.

OMG, I need a cold shower.

‘Abdullah Did Not Ban Women’s Pictures’
(Arab News)
King Abdullah was referring to pictures which are used for the sake of sensationalism. At no point during his meeting with the editors did the king warn local media against publishing pictures of Saudi women, as reported by the news agencies. The wire agencies completely misinterpreted and misrepresented the king’s views.


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