Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Homeopathy—Undiluted Tosh!

Homeopathy—Undiluted Tosh!
by Michael Hanlon (Daily Mail)
Of course, there have been thousands of anecdotal cases in which the homeopath has seemingly wrought a miracle. People have had a lifetime of chronic pain ended with the swig of a tincture of belladonna. Millions swear by their Bach Flower Remedies and Arnica.

But that does not mean homeopathy is responsible. It is one of the great truisms of medicine that with any relatively minor illness, doing nothing will usually be 100 per cent effective.

Our bodies possess a pretty formidable machine in the immune system, honed over millions of years of evolution to cope with whatever the world throws at us.

Homeopathy—effectively doing nothing—will of course ‘work’ most of the time if we have a functioning immune system.

In addition to the placebo effect.


Dr. Nancy said...

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Dr. Nancy said...

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Dr. Nancy Malik said...

Homeopathy is evidence based modern medicine for the 21st century