Saturday, April 02, 2005

Would you Adam and Eve it?

Would you Adam and Eve it?
Where do Boris and his fellow dinosaurs fit into this worldview?

Many were killed off in Noah’s flood and became fossils. Others hung around to scare our ancestors who called them dragons. Bill Cooper, a council member of CSM, argues the 8th Century poem Beowulf records a genuine encounter with a Tyrannosaurus rex.

The chairman, Dr David Rosevear, says even non-Christian visitors often accept their claims, “in spite of the brainwashing they get from the media.”

“Typically,” he says, in a statement that would make arch evolutionist Richard Dawkins’ blood run cold, “a mother will bring her children round in the holidays and say to me ‘Yes, that’s pretty much what I always felt’.”

The silent majority is speaking up. It’s too difficult to let go of cherished notions. Sometimes I feel this is a lost cause.

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