Monday, June 06, 2005

No conflict between Bible and evolution

No conflict between Bible and evolution
(York Daily Record)
First off, the Bible is a book of faith. It tells us about God and our relationship with God. For this knowledge and understanding there is no better source. However, the Bible is not a science book. There is no need for conflict between science and religion—because science is merely attempting to explain what God has made. Science merely tries to figure out how the universe that God made works. There is no conflict.

As opposed to the Qur’an, which is a bona fide, peer-reviewed book of science.


Ashley said...

I understand and even appreciate this view in part. After all it's basically what many, if not most, of the founding fathers believed; Deism. And I even think religion and magick (Crowley's spelling) have important and maybe even necessary roles in the human mind; but to say that the Bible or the Qur'an can coexist with even plain old morality, let alone science, is lunacy.

The highest ideals of most all religion and even Buddhism are reward/justice in death (Heaven, Hell, Nirvana) and absolution of responsibility (Original Sin, the Crucifixion). The Judeo-Christian-Islamist family of faiths are biased toward suffering, outrageously immoral acts, and are, in fact, philosophies and faiths of death--and the prime tenet of Buddhism: life is suffering. There is no higher prize for a Christian than to be one of the 144,000 taken in the Rapture. The Rapture requires the world to end horribly and the Beast to rule. Being wholly with God requires death. Being saved (by the Crucifixion) requires death. Belief in eternal reward is required to pilot a 767 into a sky scraper.

These religions are not just wrong on the facts. They're wrong about everything.

Plan 8 said...

An eternal reward of wine rivers and six dozen nymphets (by some accounts)--the going rate for skyscraping kamikazes these days. Sigh.

Claiming zero-conflict between religion and science is wishful thinking--an inability to let go of cherished notions, a childish attempt to have it both ways, filled with hollow rationalizations and factual cherry picking. While it may serve to give comfort to some faithful, the broader consequences end up curtailing the right to life or happiness of others.

Then, there are the Pollyannas who claim all religions preach the same message of peace and love. Don't even get me started.

p.s. I thought you'd be out in your glorious backyard enjoying nature. What are you doing on the intarweboondocks?

Ashley said...

Have to keep myself updated. :)

Also I had to do something unsavory yesterday regarding backyard wildlife management and felt bad about it all day so ended up surfing. No more though, damn you!