Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Lost World Found In New Guinea

Lost World Found In New Guinea
(Science a Go Go)
New Guinea’s Foja Mountains were “as close to the Garden of Eden as you’re going to find on Earth,” said the co-leader of the expedition, CI’s Bruce Beehler. “The first bird we saw at our camp was a new species. Large mammals that have been hunted to near extinction elsewhere were here in abundance. We were able to simply pick up two Long-Beaked Echidnas, a primitive egg-laying mammal that is little known,” he added.



Ashley said...

I wish I could be privy to the infighting that's likely to ensue about species naming rights.

Mostly I just wish I could be one of the participants in the fight. :(

Plan 8 said...

Hope they chronicle it well in hi-def and I get to watch it someday.