Thursday, February 09, 2006

Muslim Fury at Sex Toy

Muslim Fury at Sex Toy
(The Sun)
Furious Muslims have blasted adult shop Ann Summers for selling a blow-up male doll called Mustafa Shag.


In a letter to the store, the Association said: “You have no idea how much hurt, anguish and disgust this obnoxious phrase has caused to Muslims. We are asking you to have our Most Revered Prophet’s name ‘Mustafa’ and the afflicted word ‘shag’ removed.”

Don’t worry, there’s plenty to pick and choose from.

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Amy said...

Yeah, but he's huggable! Just look at him! How can they be upset when Mustafa's huggable? What if he was ugly? Would they still be pissed?

Or what if he was *gasp* a cartoon???