Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Even in China, Feng Shui Disharmony

Even in China, Feng Shui Disharmony
(Los Angeles Times)
“This is really ridiculous,” scoffed Chen Zhihua, an architect and professor at prestigious Qinghua University in Beijing. “It’s a fake science…. It only makes money for some swindlers.”

Ge Jianxiong, an eminent geography professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, likened feng shui to dregs that have floated up to the surface.

”This shouldn’t be happening,” he said.

Indeed. By the way, the adorable darlings blocked Blogger and most of Flickr. Again. This comes to the whirled wide web via a client. To quote Mr. Jianxiong, this shouldn’t be happening.

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Amy said...

Well, that's just stupid, isn't it?