Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Pathways to God

Pathways to God
(Science Musings)
But supernaturalism retains its hold on the human imagination. God’s hand is sought in those things we don’t yet fully understand: the big bang, the origin of life, the Cambrian Explosion, and so on. This the God of the gaps. The God of “intelligent design.”

Well, fine. But gaps have a way of being filled. I would hate to think that my faith in God depended on scientists never figuring out exactly how the blood-clotting protein cascade evolved, or how the flagellum of a bacterium evolved, to mention just two of the so-called “irreducibly complex” aspects of life offered as evidence for intelligent design.

I discovered Chet Raymo quite recently—just three weeks back—but that didn’t stop me from going through his entire Musings archive and relishing it. It’s better than a book (it’s got links, yo!), and is reminiscent of good science writing from the likes of Sagan and Dawkins, achieving an eloquent balance of wisdom and wonder. Highly recommended. Note to self: Must. Get. Book.

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