Monday, May 02, 2005

Fake × 2

Can’t afford real fakes? Bra offers illusion of gel-filled sacs
(Star Tribune)
The Evolution bra is aimed at “women who lust after the look of cosmetic breast implants,” according to Brastraps Inc., a Florida-based company that introduced the new bra on Friday. The Evolution features a sculpted, graduated cup “specially designed to mimic the appearance of cosmetic breast implants.”

With hundreds of thousands of American women undergoing breast-enhancement surgery each year, Brastraps believes it’s time to take a fresh look at cleavage.

“To be honest, the new standard for women is to be cosmetically enhanced, or to at least feel that’s what you look like,” company spokeswoman Michelle Soudry said. “It’s a completely new ideal from what we’ve seen before, and this is a company that is catering to that.”

Evolution? More like Intelligent Design, I’d say; and just as honest.

Link: Evolution By Margarita Convertible Bra

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