Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Herbs and breast cancer risk

Cornell breast cancer educator cautions women against using herbal supplements
(Cornell University News Service)
“Just because herbal medicines are ‘natural’ products does not mean that they are safer than conventional medicines,” he said. “The ingredients in herbal medicines can also have adverse effects and lead to health problems. Yet, there is no focused safety testing of herbal medicines or even reporting system for adverse effects, so when people do have adverse effects, there’s no mechanism to pool that data.”

We have touched upon this, in a similar story.


Ayurvedic doctor said...

In comparison to pharma drugs herbal medicines have less adverse effects...

so visit and buy herbal medicines only

Plan 8 said...

You write:
In contrast, "herbs seem to work in many different ways," and generally have a low risk of side effects.

Shouldn't working in many different ways entail many different side effects?

You keep asserting herbal medicines have less adverse effects. Kindly substantiate.