Monday, July 11, 2005

Losing Faith in Religion

Losing faith in religion
(Toronto Star)
“We are at war with Islam,” he writes unflinchingly. “We are at war with precisely the vision of life that is prescribed to all Muslims in the Qur’an.” He follows that up with five solid pages of citations from the Islamic holy text which purport to call for violence against the non-believer. Anyone who reads those “and can still not see a link between Muslim faith and Muslim violence should probably consult a neurologist.”

Calling Islam a religion of peace, as U.S. President George Bush has done repeatedly, “is really playing hide the ball with core dogmas of the faith: martyrdom and jihad,” he continued in the interview. “You just have to look at the example of Muhammad. He was not a hippy who was crucified. He was the Julius Caesar of the Muslim world. Clearly, many Muslims expect that kind of victory in this world by Islam.”

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