Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Bubbling over with the gum that claims to boost breasts

Bubbling over with the gum that claims to boost breasts
(Times Online)
As well as claiming that its product offers women astonishing lifting powers, the scientists at B2Up say that the rose-flavoured gum, when chewed three or four times a day, will also fight ageing, improve circulation and reduce stress.

Bust-Up attributes its powers to the slow release of dietary supplements, of which pueraria mirifica appears to be the most active. “Unlike dietary supplements taken in a pill once a day, the gum means that it is constantly bombarding your system and restoring the muscle tissue that keeps breasts healthy,” a B2Up spokeswoman said. “And it smells nice on the breath.”

Won’t be long before these guys buy up Yahoo! and Google. Cosmetic snake oil is big business. That story lists a few other wonderful contraptions, like a laxative made from volcanic rock powder and a sonic brain massager. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Buy Bust-Up. Fill up a form (before anything else), and wait.


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Anastasija said...

I searched around are there are tons of bust up gum sites. But they all seem to either be scams, or claiming to have "just 1241 bottles left so ORDER NOW!" or some other BS. Finally I found one that ships worldwide AND takes credit cards. I got the bottle in less than 5 days. Just my experience. Search around and find the one you feel most confortable with. I prefer to be able to use a credit card just in case it doesn't arrive I can just dispute it with my CC company.


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