Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I Used To Believe

I Used To Believe
(The Childhood Beliefs Site)
I used to believe will remind you what it was like to be a child, fascinated and horrified by the world in equal parts. The following pages will reassure you that the things you used to believe weren’t so strange after all. Just be careful what you tell your own children!

Eg: When I was in 5th grade our teacher went around the room asking us our religious beliefs. Well, I was the only one in my class who wasn’t catholic and when it came my turn I told her “I’m Prostitute” and when she looked at me in disbelief I continued by saying “It’s true, ask my mom, she’s one too!”

More bloopers than beliefs, on first pass. I used to believe a lot of weird things myself; guess I still do. Time to rationalize my philosophy by reading the bible in its class.

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