Friday, March 25, 2005

Fresh Claim that Shroud of Turin is Fake

Fresh Claim that Shroud of Turin is Fake
(Live Science)
In other words, in Wilson’s estimation, the Shroud of Turin is a fake—produced with some glass, paint and old cloth. And that theory, especially with Easter this weekend, has so-called “Shroudies” abuzz.

“A lot of religious people are upset,” said Wilson, 26, who teaches at New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, Idaho.

Wilson is himself an evangelical Christian but said his views on the shroud don’t change his faith.

“I’m a Bible-believing Christian who believes in the Resurrection completely without a doubt,” he said.

I don’t even know why this is news. A teacher comes out with pure speculation, and it makes for an article on Live Science? Slow news day? Here’s what the aspiring Dan Brown wants to do:
Wilson said he wants to write a novel about his theory. The forger or perhaps forgers, Wilson theorizes, probably robbed a grave and pulled the aged shroud off a body, then crucified someone to obtain the blood and study the wounds of Jesus.

“Most likely it involved some real wicked people,” Wilson said.

Further abuse of theory. For some strange reason, any story about religious relics is considered fascinating. Notice how the Pope is always in the news with every sneeze and bowel movement?

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